Founders Message

Facial 5 Founders Message

Melissa Mckinnon
CEO & Founder of Facial5

I want to age gracefully…wait – who am I kidding? I actually would like to not age at all – lol. But, since that’s not an option, I want to take care of my skin WITHOUT compromising my health. That means using clean, healthy, effective products with NO carcinogens, parabens, sulfates, gluten and of course cruelty free. There’s not a lot of truly healthy options on the market in the US. I’ve decided to do something about that!

Fun Fact: The FDA has not passed any major federal law regarding skin care and cosmetics in…wait for it… EIGHTY YEARS! What!? Additionally, the FDA has only banned THIRTY ingredients from use in skin care, whereas Canada has banned over 600, and Europe has banned more than 1400!

For this reason, at Facial5 we hold ourselves to the European and Canadian standards for clean, healthy, effective skin care. Plus, ALL our skin care is made in the U.S.A.

Facial5 isn’t just a skin care company. We are a movement, a mission, a revolution in American skin care. It’s an uphill battle to challenge the norm in any business, but it’s worth it. YOU are worth it! We are changing the skin care industry – one face at a time!

Melissa Mckinnon ~ CEO & Founder of Facial5