Giving Back

Dawn Holloway
Facial5 Corporate Trainer

Facial5 was inspired to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients by two people; Dawn Holloway, who is our Corporate Trainer, she’s been in the skin care business for over 23 years. Dawn has been valiantly fighting cancer for over a decade. The second person is David Rubin, the brother/brother in law of the founders. David is fighting stage 4 terminal cancer – watching him suffer has made the owners of Facial5 painfully aware of how hard this disease can be on those who have it. These two souls are blessed to have the financial and emotional support needed to fight this awful disease, but many don’t.

Dawn has an unsinkable spirit and a wellspring of faith. In every situation she asks herself how she can serve others. When Dawn goes to the cancer center for her own treatment, she looks around for who needs encouragement, a kind word or just someone to listen to them. She’s heard people talk about not continuing to get treatment for their cancer because there’s no one to take them when they’re too ill to drive themselves. We can do something about that!

We are setting up a dedicated fund to help provide rides and other help to cancer patients. Starting on 8/1/2019 $5 from every New Enthusiast Kit will go directly to aid a cancer patient. We feel called to give back to those in need. Sometimes the most valuable thing you can do for those are suffering is let them know they’re not alone.