Liquid Lipstick – The Bethany

Liquid Lipstick - The Bethany

Liquid Lipstick - The Bethany


This long lasting liquid lipstick is only 25% the thickness of a traditional lipstick…it goes on like a gloss, but dries matte – and the best part is our F5 liquid lipsticks offer long lasting lip color you’ll love!

We’ve named our Liquid Lipsticks after amazing women in our company. The Bethany is a vibrant red lipstick with a slight warm undertone!

Much like the lipstick that carries her name Bethany herself is vibrant, bold, direct. She’s not afraid to ask questions or challenge the norm. Bethany thinks outside the box and pushes the envelope towards personal excellence.

When you need to be put your big girl panties on and speak up…then put on The Bethany and don’t take no for an answer…especially from yourself!