Liquid Lipstick – The Linda

Liquid Lipstick - The Linda

Liquid Lipstick - The Linda


This long lasting liquid lipstick is only 25% the thickness of a traditional lipstick…it goes on like a gloss, but dries matte – and the best part is our F5 liquid lipsticks offer long lasting lip color you’ll love!

We’ve named our Liquid Lipsticks after amazing women in our company. The Linda is a wonderful rich deep pink lipstick!

The Linda is named for one of our founding Facial5 Enthusiasts. Linda is from a farming community…and you know what that means? Salt of the earth person with an incredible work ethic. Linda is incredibly compassionate for the needs of others and devotes much of her time to serving others through outreach charities.

When need to find compassion for others or even for yourself then put on Linda and allow grace to descend upon you!