Liquid Lipstick – The Rikki

Liquid Lipstick - The Rikki

Liquid Lipstick - The Rikki


This long lasting liquid lipstick is only 25% the thickness of a traditional lipstick…it goes on like a gloss, but dries matte – and the best part is our F5 liquid lipsticks offer long lasting lip color you’ll love!

We’ve named our Liquid Lipsticks after amazing women in our company. The Rikki is beautiful cheery light pink color!

The Rikki is named for one of our founding Facial5 Enthusiasts. She’s someone who wears her heart on her sleeve, sensitive and loving. It’s not easy to change yourself or change your life. It takes courage and honesty with yourself to evolve. But Rikki is always willing grow. She has blossomed like a beautiful pink rose and grown into an amazing woman, career girl and soon to be wife.

If you feel it’s time for a change, time to re-define yourself and your goals. Then put on a little Rikki and let your light shine for all the world to see!