Liquid Lipstick – The Trish

Liquid Lipstick - The Trish

Liquid Lipstick - The Trish


This long lasting liquid lipstick is only 25% the thickness of a traditional lipstick…it goes on like a gloss, but dries matte – and the best part is our F5 liquid lipsticks offer long lasting lip color you’ll love!

We’ve named our Liquid Lipsticks after amazing women in our company. The Trish is a nude lipstick with a touch of pink!

The Trish is named for one of our founding Facial5 Enthusiasts. Trish is a gulf war veteran who defended our great country with valor. She’s brave, courageous, & heroic both in her character & her approach to life!

When you need to be brave put on a bit of Trish then go stare down and conquer your fears!