Vitamin-E Stick

Vitamin E Stick

Vitamin E Stick


Bathe your lips in moisture with F5’s new Vitamin E lip balm.

Made with 5 all natural ingredients that will: protect, gloss, lubricate and heal your lips.

MADE IN U.S.A. Paraben free, Aluminum Free, Cuelty Free, Gluten Free, Vegan.

Made with Caster Seed Oil, a powerful Ayurvedic medicinal antibacterial oil, containing benefitial salts and esters, which was used as a remedy for healing the skin since ancient Egyptian times.

We added Shea Butter and Candelilla Wax which are anti-inflammatory, full of vitamin A and rich in nutrients. Both are easily absorbed while creating a instant barrier to keep your lips moisturized, hydrating and helping to boost collagen production.

Always have your handy Vitamin E Stick with you to take care of those beautiful lips!