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Our most medicinal moisturizer yet! When you combine the benefits of both aloe vera and CBD oil, you can create some pretty magical topical effects that do wonders for your skin. If you’re looking to treat yourself to something special, why not go all-in with our aloe vera moisturizer infused with CBD oil? Take advantage of the aloe’s amino acids and anti-inflammatory properties to ease any puffiness or inflamation you may be experiencing.

In addition, combining aloe vera with CBD can offer the following:

  • Decreasing excess sebum – The skin creates an oily substance called sebum to keep itself moisturized. Unfortunately, sometimes it overcompensates and makes more than it needs. An Aloe & CBD moisturizer may help to prevent overproduction, therefore, increasing your chances of clearer, more confident skin.
  • Preventing skin issues – CBD has potential antifungal properties that can decrease the risk of getting skin issues. If you regularly use an aloe vera CBD moisturizer, you could find yourself with fresher and more radiant skin, that has less and less signs of irritation & sensitivity.

We’ve covered the benefits of Aloe & CBD. Now what about Collagen?

Want the wrinkle-reducing effect of a retinol product without the side effects? This new product offers a lush calming treatment and dewy moisturizer formulated to make your skin look younger, less stressed, plump, hydrated, and glowing! For all aging skin types, including sensitized, acne-prone, redness-prone, and aging.

What it does:

  • Visibly plumps and firms dehydrated skin
  • Calms and reduces redness due to dryness
  • Reduces the look of wrinkles
  • Moisturizes, leaving skin silky soft

Lastly, I want to address the discrimination against CBD products. Often consumers are over exposed, and under informed. I have had people think CBD is marijuana, and be scared to use such ingredients. It is not. CBD is simply a medicinal plant extract. If it were a controlled substance I, as the founder and CEO of Facial5, would go to prison for selling a controlled substance without requiring prescriptions. Amazon sells CBD products (albeit, watered down, often counterfeit ones), amazon cannot sell controlled substances. That’s illegal. This amazing extract gets a bad rap by well meaning people who don’t quite understand what it is. It is simply a medicinal oil that is no more of a narcotic than olive oil is.

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