Oily Sensitive Set

Oily Sensitive Skin Care Set

Oily Sensitive Skin Care Set

SKU: ST702

If you struggle with break outs but everything you try to control them with either makes them worse or leaves your skin feeling raw and dry then this is the skin care set for you! Many women and men with skin that is oily and tends to break out cannot use the traditional skin care for oily skin because it is way to harsh for their skin care type.

This set will help keep your pores clear and your skin in balance without drying you out or leaving your skin irritated. For ingredients and product details please see details under each items individual description in the collection tab. This set has all the steps of our 5-step skin care system: 1. Purify – Orchid Cleanser 2. Remove & Refine – Tropical Enzyme Peel 3. Rejuvenate (Eye/Face) – COQ10 Eye/Tighten Up Hyaluronic 4. Replenish – Organic Oil Free 5. Protect – 30 SPF Sun Damage Blocker MADE IN USA. NO – gluten, sulfates or parabens. Cruelty free.


  • Orchid Ginseng Green Tea Cleanser
  • Tropical Enzyme Peel
  • No More Puffy Eye
  • Tighten Up Hyaluronic Serum
  • Organic Oil Free Moisturizer
  • Sun Damange Blocker SPF 30