Twisted Love

Twisted Love Unisex Cologne

Twisted Love Unisex Cologne


Twisted Love Cologne is FINALLY here! This mysterious and alluring scent took three years to formulate. It is the perfect blend of 19 natural organic essential oils, sourced locally in Texas. Twisted Love offers those nuances of scent, which evolve and shift with your body chemistry typically only found in very high end cologne sold in department stores for $100 or more!

Instead of using harmful chemicals and artificial fragrance (which can often irritate), this ground breaking formula utilizes 19 all natural and organic essential oils “twisted” together to arrive at this unique scent. Since each essential oil has a different heat and dispersion (burn off) rate, Twisted Love will change its aroma on your skin up to 4 times in the first hour before settling down to the amazing and enticing scent which will remain on your body for the rest of the day. Get ready for people to ask you; “You smell incredible, what are you wearing?”

MADE IN USA. No gluten, sulfates, parabens. Cruelty free & vegan


Use as needed.


19 Essential Oils & Dimethicone